Waste Paper Recycling

Middle Georgia's Leader

Phoenix Reclamation is located in central Georgia.  We pay top dollar for baled waste paper such as cardboard.  Phoenix Reclamation uses our own semi truck with a flatbed trailer that has a forklift attached.  We come to your location and pick up  right from your business.  

At Phoenix we recycle many types of waste paper including baled cardboard, cores, white paper, SOP.


Once we determine the amount of waste paper that you will generate, we set you up on a regularly scheduled pickup times.  

If you are generating waste paper and would like to know if you could be turning that waste paper into cash, please contact us at 478-743-9740 and we will gladly come out to inspect the quality and volume of your waste paper to see if baling makes sense for you.  

We can even assist you with your baler selection process.  In some cases, we will even supply the baler for a monthly rental fee.

If you are currently baling waste paper and aren't satisfied with your current recycling company give us a call at 478-743-9740 and let us tell you what sets Phoenix Reclamation apart.  

Why Recycle?

  • Baling waste paper pays you cash each and every month
  • Baling waste paper saves you on dumpster cost and landfill fees
  • Baling waste paper helps reduce landfill impact